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Welcome to! This website is a list of restaurants that deliver in the Tucson area year round or during the Gem Show period. We know that Tucson becomes your home for several weeks. As with any journey, how you feed yourself while traveling is just as important as your transportation or lodging. We understand that as an exhibitor you can be stuck in your booth with no way to leave to eat. The food truck outside may provide relief for a day or two, but can become quickly stale. Or as a Gem Show Attendee you return to your hotel room exhausted and hungry every night, but tired of room service. Here you will find a list of restaurants that will deliver to your booth or hotel room. Please visit their respective websites for a complete menu, delivery area, and fees. Each restaurant is individually responsible for order accuracy, sets their own delivery fees, and delivery area. Please check their website or call them if you have any questions or concerns. We thank you for coming to The Old Pueblo for the Gem Show, and making Tucson your home away from home for several weeks out of the year!


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